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Moderne log cabin blanket, de Kay Gardiner i Ann Shayne

It all began with a love at first sight moment, when I saw that skein of Malabrigo worsted in a luxurious colorway, Loro barranquero, on a shelf at All you knit is love. But once I used it, I was deceived: I chose the wrong pattern for that yarn and decided that I didn’t like […]

Malabrigo march 2013

In which the author explains to his readers what is Malabrigo March and shows them the objects he knitted for MalMarch. Una de les característiques que fan interessant el portal Ravelry és la possibilitat de fer-te membre de grups enfocats en un tema i compartir amb els altres membres del grup tant els projectes que […]

Els projectes creixen

In which the author shows to his readers some of the WIP’s he’s is working on those days: the Moderne log cabin blanket, made from some beautiful shades of Malabrigo Merino Worsted, and hexagons.grey, made from Cascade 220 and leftovers of various yarns. Qui tingui una certa edat i un passat d’addicte a la televisió, […]

La bufanda de la iaia

In which the author shows to his readers his last finished project, a scarf made from Malabrigo merino worsted that has been donated to a non-profit organization, Amics de la Gent Gran (‘Friends of the Elderly’ in Catalan). They have the goal to collect 1,500 scarves that will be sold to obtain funds for the […]

Petits projectes

In which the author shows his two last projects. Hi ha projectes que, pel que he anat veient als fòrum i blocs de teixidors, se solen anomenar «de satisfacció immediata». Comparteixen la caracaterística que són projectes senzills, ràpids de fer (una tarda o dues) i que pots utilitzar de seguida que els acabes. Els dos […]