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La citació: Colm Tóibín

Other communities who have been oppressed – Jewish people, say, or Catholics in Northern Ireland – have every opportunity to work out the implications of their oppression in their early lives. They hear the stories; they have the books aroun them. Gay people, on the other hand, grow up alone; there is no history. There are no ballads about the wrongs of the past, the martyrs are all forgotten. It is as though, in Adrienne Rich’s phrase, ‘you looked into the mirror and saw nothing’. Thus the discovery of a history and a heritage has to be made by each individual as part of the road to freedom, or at least knowledge, but it also has serious implications for readers and critics who are not particularly concerned about about gay identity, and it also has serious dangers.

Colm Tóibín. Love in a dark time. Londres: Picador, 2003. p. 9-10.