Diu… Debbie Stoller

Where the author quotes some words from Debbie Stoller’s Stitch’n bitch.

These women had experienced the meditative and peaceful quality that overcomes one’s mind while knitting; they understood the way that one’s thoughts get worked right into one’s knitting, discovering, as I did, that whatever I was thinking about when I last worked on a piece would immediately spring back into my mind when I picked up the work again later on, as though knitting were a sort of mental tape recorder. Betty Friedan and other likeminded feminists had overlooked an important aspect of knitting when they viewed it simply as part of women’s societal obligation to serve everyone around them —they had forgotten that knitting served the knitter as well.

Debbie Stoller. Stitch’n bitch. New York: Workman, 2003. p. 9.

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